Women’s Quilted Jacket for Girly-Casual Look

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Women’s quilted jacket is what people usually need in the cold weather. It has a function to make the wearer warm when they must go outside to do their activity. However, they also need a cloth which can protect them and make them still look fashionable. The reason is because every woman loves fashion and they love when they look more beautiful than other women. Women will be more confident when they become the most beautiful women in their society like in the school, office etc. Here will be explained some ideas to wear the jacket in girly-casual look.

The first idea is to combine the jacket with short skirt, legging, sneakers or boots and t-shirt. For women who love skirt, short skirt and long skirt are what they want to wear in all season including winter. However, sometimes, their skirt cannot protect them from the cold. Do not worry, since women’s quilted jacket can make the women stick in their character with their skirt. For short skirt lovers, before wearing the short skirt, they can wear legging with enough thickness which can cover the legs perfectly. Then after that, they can wear a short skirt. T-shirt is enough for the first layer before wearing jacket. However, once again, make sure that the t-shirt is thick enough. For the shoes, boots are good choices to make girly casual look for women.

The second idea is a combination of jeans, long shirt, shock, wedges, shawl and jacket. This is basically different from the first idea since in this idea, women wear jeans as their trousers. Making sure that the jeans are thick enough is necessary because outside world is cold in winter. For the top, wearing a long shirt to cover the body is nice. Moreover, it is completed with quilted jacket which is the important point in this idea. For the shoes, wedges with a girly look are good to complete the women’s quilted jacket.

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